About China Mac

Raymond Yu, professionally known as China Mac, is a Chinese-American artist born and raised in New York City. With strong roots in the hardcore New York rap era, the musician has drawn significant underground buzz. To date, he boasts more than 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel China Mac TV, with music videos and interview clips garnering
millions of views.

China Mac has made a name for himself not only through his music but also for his compelling redemption story. After spending years in gang life and eventually serving more than a decade for felony offenses, the musician has evolved into a mature and conscious hip-hop artist, establishing a solid and ever-growing fanbase.

The rapper will soon be simultaneously dropping two new EPs, “The Yin” and “The Yang.” The project will showcase the power and depth to his artistry as well as his domestic and worldwide appeal. “The Yin” will feature fresh, experimental tracks, mirroring the rapper’s evolution while “The Yang” draws from the old-school “Boom Bap” sound — a style that provided inspiration for China Mac’s early career.

“By staying clear of trouble and solely focusing on my craft, I have constructed my own lane,” Mac said. “And just as i’ve grown and matured as a person, so has my music.”

In a world where hip hop has become more beats, mumbled lines and swag rapping, China Mac offers a breath of fresh air, but still finds a way to find a medium. Not many rappers who come from Mac’s time can find a way to stay true to themselves while still being able to relate to the younger generation.

Mac has truly come a long way, and his future is bright with possibilities. Though his journey has just begun, his work ethic and dedication ensure a successful destination.


“My music is proof that no matter how much people count you out, you can still come back.”


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